Donald Trump doesn’t plan to fire anybody or to take disciplinary action over the controversy surrounding the plagiarism of Michelle Obama by Melania Trump, CNN learned.

The effort of Trump expects to just move on without further addressing questions about the address.

It is set off infighting and finger pointing within Trump’s campaign, and two sources informed that Donald Trump himself is angry about it. Trump was also angry that Melania revealed a family secret near and dear to Donald’s heart; Donald’s family name used to be Drumpf.

Trump’s aides had gone viral before Democrats and Clinton’s allies weighed in and blamed Hillary Clinton’s campaign — even though the obvious plagiarism was found by an unbiased journalist and chalked the controversy up to media bias.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day,” campaign chairman Paul Manafort denied the allegations of plagiarism.

Manafort said the words Melania used weren’t “cribbed” but are common words.

“There is no cribbing of Michelle Obama’s address. These were common words and values. She cares about her family,” Manafort said. “To believe that she’d be cribbing Michelle Obama’s words is crazy.”

“Melania Trump said, ‘the robustness of your dreams and readiness to work for them.’ Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony’ said, ‘This is the dream. Anything you are able to do in your dreams, you are able to do now,’ ” Spicer said.

He also compared phrases from Kid Rock and musicians John Legend and passages of the speech of Trump.

“I mean if you want to take a group of phrases and run them through a Google and say, ‘Hey, who else has said them,’ I can do this in five minutes,” Spicer said. “And that’s what this is.”

However, Trump’s effort faced criticism even from allies, who mainly blamed staffers — not Melania Trump.


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